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I was ordered by a group of clients to make their Halloween festivity even scarier. And definitely a lot sexier. Let me introduce myself: my name is Olga; I work as a super girl from Whatsapp escort Izmir model agency. You can order a girl to be your decoration in any event. Just like this one: the Halloween party organized in the big private mansion of the host in 2017.

The only condition was to makeup like a zombie – and I along with two others from Escort Izmir Whatsapp agency was forwarded to receive a makeup to the specialist. A makeup girl ran the beauty salon in a couple of blocks from the party place. She was a big specialist in her area, according to the host of today’s event on which we were invited.

They paid our makeup and the spent time so the only thing we had to take care of was to come at a party looking as much zombie as possible.

The salon’s owner and her helpers did a remarkable job: when we exited the place, people who saw us, all jumped aside from our realistic look.

We’ve decided to take advantage of our looks and when we got to the place, we all took postures of authentic zombies and rang the door. The guy who opened the door scared the shit out of him and spilled his beer on all sides. The other people, fortunately, were not so timid and so they hailed our appearance and praised the wise outfits and the look we, Escort Izmir Whatsapp girls, had.

Right at the first minute of our appearance, we’ve been met by the host and paid 50% in advance, as the best practice. Then we’ve simply roamed the area entertaining guests mostly with chatting. Most of those present were taking pictures with us and having fun from our look, and so we got fun either. Very soon, we’ve forgotten that we look like zombies.

Though there were some people who wanted to have sex with us but, as we did not receive the straight instructions on this matter from the host, we did not go for it. Things changed when a host called me upstairs of his great and spacious mansion. Well, I could guess the reason for it but had doubts. All of them vanished when he locked a door behind us and kissed me. I snuggled to his hairy and muscled chest with my body and twisted my arms around his neck to continue our kissing. Though I was painted as a zombie, it must have aroused him sexually and at this time, I forgot about all this zombie theme, recalling who I was: an Izmir strapon escort girl working for the sake of the pleasure of a client.

He raised my black leather skirt I had on my full hips of a lover from Izmir strapon escort agency and he saw black panties underneath. He lowered them and touched my pubis: it had a small streamlined intimate cut of hair going on 10 centimeters up from my clitoris, neatly protruding on two millimeters from the vulva’s skin surface. Many of my clients get high from such lovely and neat organization of my intimate area. So did the host: he sat down to my clitoris to take it in the mouth and give me some oral pleasure (but I’m sure it was a pleasure for him too), while I was standing, leaning with my buttocks on the table’s side.

When he passed through initial excitation from playing with his mouth with me, he started using fingers to enter inside me. By this time, I managed to become pretty moist from his actions, so the penetration was easy for him. I let my legs wider to make it all easier. He took one condom and put it on the big finger and I realized why a second later: with his main four fingers, he was entering my pussy, while with the thumb, he entered my butthole. Very gently and easily. From his skillful actions, I got excited too, as not often Whatsapp escort girls got actually excited from the actions of their clients – sometimes, they imitate their feelings. But not me – I don’t like such fraud and never tell I’m hot when I’m not. This time I was heated up. He was inside of me with at least three fingers in both of my holes while not stopping to play with my clitoris with his strong tongue – and I couldn’t hide my orgasm from him, as I started to shiver with all my body. He understood that and rose up while I got down to finish him too…

Izmir escort agency girl is a horny chick, which loves to jump on erect cocks. She looks the best when wearing sexy lingerie, underwear or completely undressed. In this state, she is able to provide you with hours-lasting excitement and fire of love.

Izmir escort agency girl is a horny chick, which loves to jump on erect cocks. She looks the best when wearing sexy lingerie, underwear or completely undressed. In this state, she is able to provide you with hours-lasting excitement and fire of love.


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I stopped the car in front of the hospital building and felt the excitement but not only in a good way. I did not want to go there, as I was fed up with these annual inspections, but if I do not pass another medical examination, I will not receive another postponement from the army. And today I have to go to her. She was an adult woman, mature because she was over 30. She looked beautiful, and she reminded me of one of the escort WhatsApp, from escort WhatsApp girls whom I met last year on my exotic vacation. That escort WhatsApp girl was very gentle, she knew all the time what I needed, and she really liked that I enjoyed meeting her. Of course, this girl was not an escort WhatsApp girl, she was a doctor, but her inaccessibility embarrassed and excited me even more.

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Russian escort Izmir woman was now hanging from the ceiling being suspended on the tricky system of chains. The room was in the pool on premises that Russian escort Izmir agency owned and used them to arrange meetings of their girls and clients. Several rooms (including this one) were equipped to meet the most exquisite demands of clients: lashes, costumes, chains, a broad range of devices were only a part of variety that was used inside. They all were spacious enough and re-arranged to disallow any sound coming out from the room or entering inside when the doors are closed. The protected small world for pleasures. A perfect love cell, in several words.


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