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Sometimes you feel extra alone. It can be when you are left, abandoned, thrown on the sidewalk, like an unnecessary cloth rag after being used. This feeling I had when I was looking through advertising about call girls and private exotic dancers in the Yellow Pages in Izmir city, keep pondering about my gloomy fate and morose life in general. On some page, I don’t remember which, I stumbled upon the ad of Izmir escort girls. The picture of a charming girl took 1/16th part of the entire page and it promised fantastic pastime in all senses.

I thought that one girl from Izmir escort girls would not be enough for me. That’s why I’ve decided to order 3 at once. I had money – my bank account allowed me doing such wild things for my soul time to time, just to entertain. Not often, though, but still. So, I texted at the indicated number +90 539 460 9173 on WhatsApp and an operator responded me pretty soon to verify the order and to ask about my preferences in the girls –desired parameters like weight, height, the color of hair, the size of breasts, and so on. I thought in my head – that’s quite an opened and friendly client service. I liked it. I named all I wanted and said the address. And started to wait for girls’ arrival.

Russian escort Izmir women came to me in an hour and a half and they all were succulent and smelled exceptionally good. I liked them all from the very beginning, though I did not trust prior to this moment that call girls can actually be very attractive. I supposed them to be on average 5 out of 10, but these ones here were all assured nines.

Yes, I was satisfied from the start. I showed girls where they can change their clothes and to take a shower if necessary and started to wait for a show. The three girls went out from the shower under music – they had a record player along with them. The red-haired girl shaded the lights out to allow semi-darkness into a room and the show began.

They danced, all three, twirling and twisting with their magnificent lecherous bodies having wonderful forms. They did not have imperfections in this artificial shade and I devouringly ate them with my eyes. When girls from Russian escort Izmir model agency approached me, I could feel their elastic bodies with resilient asses that drove me insane from the flesh desire. I felt as my mood gradually improved and all bad thoughts were drowning away. Girls from Russian escort Izmir agency made me feel alive again. They breathed life into my lungs and limbs. I looked at these swaying young bodies and felt, as I am eager again to have sex with women, of which I doubted I couldn’t. I was looking how they were gradually stripping in front of my eyes and stroking a body of one dancer after another. They were very tanned in the semi-darkness and all were velvety. Each girl was resilient and smelled delicious. So delicious, in fact, that I started kissing them with the highest degree of pleasure, feeling how hot they were under my lips. These girls from Izmir escorts, ahh, they were agreeing to make with me every possible contact – of which I did not doubt at all. The breast of the dark-haired girl was flamboyant, and the ass of the maroon-haired one was a total piece of perfection. The red-haired girl from Izmir call girls kissed us all, helping my arousal to pour out, spill over the edge, to make the ending of the evening as saturated as a little number of men has in life – how often do you spend magnificent time with three bursting beauties at once? I definitely don’t do it often. In fact, it was my first time ever.

When some of them were jumping on my cock when I lay back, and I was showing my palms in the pussies of two others standing on the right and left, I felt myself blissfully erected, close to god in the Heaven, and did not have a single gloomy though in contrast to the fact of having them all overcrowded in my head before I’ve decided to call anybody to get entertained.

The days have passed, but I still have an uplifted mood – and it is all thanks to wonderful and mesmerizing girls from Izmir escorts model agency.


New Year underwater erotic photo session

“Come on, girls, the yacht won’t wait for too long,” said the muscled guy of 35+, who rented two girls to make a New Year’s photo shoot. He was an owner of a medium-sized business and had decided to entertain himself in the slightly unusual way: to make an underwater New Year’s photo session with beautiful girls from escort Izmir model agency. To do that, he bought them red-and-white hats (with an elastic band under a chin to prevent them from falling off the heads from water resistance), and told them to wear red swimming suits.

Escort girls in Izmir can be fun and a girl named Sarah is experiencing real-life what is it

“You are a very, very bad girl”, she heard as the whiplash cut air and landed on her skin. The next wave of pleasant pain covered a body. Yes, she was so immersed in this sexual game and eagerly wanted for continuation. She was there in this room with eyes enclosed with an opaque bandage.

“Yes, I was, punish me now, my master”, she shouted. At this moment and throughout the entire process, she felt herself as if Izmir escorts girl. Her ankles were tightly tied to the metallic frame and her naked body rested on the soft mattress.


Lola from Izmir escorts was designed by Nature itself to delight men and to give them her fantastic body that she is boasting with. On the series of pictures, you may see that she is frank enough and wears nice lingerie enough to make any man salivate and burn with the desire to possess her. This girl is honest and tall. She is 173 in height, which with the 3rd size of breasts and only 53 kilos in weight make her absolutely desirable, much more than any other girl of her kind. There are girls in our model agency that are beautiful in many ways, but this puss is beautiful in all ways.