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She, an Izmir escorts pussycat named Veronica was invited to this Halloween party a week before its time, as well as many her mates in the hood. It was a normal practice in this part of Izmir city that she lived – when a big quantity of people was gathering in the house of an organizer. Just like in the US. The Halloween party was an especially vivid occasion as everyone decorated their houses with the thematic stuff and many people were walking on the streets dressed in various costumes. Many of them were sexy and slim, preferring to show off their fit bodies, as it was mainly a prerogative of young guys and girls, the elderly generation kept themselves aside of this partying.

Veronica caught many whistles while she headed the party house – a costume was extremely body-tight and made of artificial leather. The mask covered her face slightly and made it look mysterious and sexy, and a lash contributed to the appearance, as well as sexy high heels and half-exposed boobs of the 2nd size sticking almost out of the tight-fitting outerwear.

When she approached the house, the party was ongoing in its fullest, with many people drinking and chatting outside and inside. It was the full variety of costumes on people, from ugliest to funniest ones and to sexiest ones. She spotted the horny medicine nurse and lascivious stewardess. There were looking as if escorts Izmir maidens from Russian escort and were surrounded by several people.

She was approached by a guy dressed in the black suit with a mask on his face. Who was he? Oh, sure – it was Zorro in the flesh! He even had a court sword with him, completing a compelling image of macho. She liked him at once, especially when he talked to her with his murky deep voice that was full of scorching tenderness.

They chatted and chatted while people were coming and going. They were drinking one alcohol punch after another and were getting closer and closer, until the moment arrived – they were getting upstairs with the same desire – to have intimate proximity in one of the vast number of bedrooms that this house apparently had (at least 4 of them were present in a house like this, among its 3-storey body).

One of the rooms was empty and the bed was already made as if the owner of a house was totally prepared for this party. She made him lay on the bed fully dressed (even keeping the cloak on) and started to search appropriate music on the radio to show him a striptease.

She started to undress slowly, swinging her thighs from side to side, moving as one of these top girls on the site izmir-escorts.com. She aroused Zorro more and more while unzipping her costume, which exposed the absence of bra and only extremely thin panties underneath. She took a condom out of the inner pocket and threw it to him. When he was unzipping his pants to wear it on, she was already only in her high heels left, sitting atop on the guy’s dick. Veronica started to move slowly at first getting quicker gradually, and this Izmir escorts girl clearly received pleasure from the process.

Her slinky suit was lying on the floor, but the guy was completely dressed, holding her at her juicy bare buttocks, delighting with her breasts that were going up and down, up and down.

When she was tired, he took the initiative and stood behind her, entering inside with his erected cock, hard as a rock, and red on the end the same as she was red on her labia. The natural grease on her was plentiful and it greased his penis every time he entered her. Before she cum, she asked him to enter in her ass, slowly, to make it especially pleasing – yes, she was of those Russian escort top girls that loved the penetration in the backdoor.

He did so, entering slowly, and moving with cautious, though the grease of her body allowed doing it to the full extent. When he entered her on the entire length, she caught an orgasm, shivering with all her body, falling on the soft bed. She told him to act actively inside this hole to make him finish either. He started moving and when the warm semen flew inside, he also laid down on her and they were breathing heavily, while the party downstairs was roaring and the hidden camera installed in a room was filming everything that happened…


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I stopped the car in front of the hospital building and felt the excitement but not only in a good way. I did not want to go there, as I was fed up with these annual inspections, but if I do not pass another medical examination, I will not receive another postponement from the army. And today I have to go to her. She was an adult woman, mature because she was over 30. She looked beautiful, and she reminded me of one of the escort WhatsApp, from escort WhatsApp girls whom I met last year on my exotic vacation. That escort WhatsApp girl was very gentle, she knew all the time what I needed, and she really liked that I enjoyed meeting her. Of course, this girl was not an escort WhatsApp girl, she was a doctor, but her inaccessibility embarrassed and excited me even more.

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It was their first joint trip on vacation. Of course, she, an Izmir escort service girl wanted everything to go perfectly. She pre-arranged to ensure that every day would be intense and interesting. For example, today they’ve decided to go on an excursion to the vineyard. It was a very atmospheric place, surrounded from all sides with wonderful plants. When they went inside with the rest of the tour group, they were taken to a wine cellar. Wines of various kinds were stored there: a lot of bottles on the shelves looked so attractive, she, an Izmir escort service girl, immediately wanted to try at least one of them. He seemed to read her thoughts: when the group was led further along the dark corridor, he pulled her hand. The guy put his finger to his lips, urging the girl to act quietly. As soon as the group disappeared around the corner, they both retired to one of the compartments of the wine cellar. It was a small closet where there was almost no light, but it was very cozy.