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I never thought I would have a sex fight with anyone. I even didn’t know what is it. But turned out I arranged it. You know, I had a strong reason to do that: that bitch Angela came to my dressing place and took some eyeshadows, a nice wig that I love and some more stuff from what’s purely mine. I know that there are some girls in Ukrainian girls Izmir model escort service that share things but Angela was a fucking mess – she never had anything good in her belongings and always asked this or that from others. No, I don’t mind when it is once or twice but she had really pissed off not only me but also a few others and never asked actually, just grabbed items. So, seeing this egregious fact (and my shadows in her fingers), I just got mad, got to her and tore it off from her nasty fingers. I ransacked her table the next second and found more my stuff.

“Are you greedy or what?” Angela told me with such a contemptuous tone that it made me freak off and, throwing belongings on the floor I just grabbed her hair and started to tear it on all sides.

Of course, she screamed and the other colleagues from Ukrainian girls Izmir service started to pull us apart. Then came minutes of strong and filthy words towards each other. Eventually, I screamed at her face:

“If you are such fucking fuck, then why don’t you prove it and fuck more men that I will?”

“Easily, you bitch!”

So, she took my challenge. The other girls also were in the state of easy rampage and in short five minutes, we’ve shaped the idea of the contest to put an end to her nasty behavior once and for all. The rules were to fuck as many men as possible in 10 minutes so they cum hitting their sperm from the trunk. The winner wins 10 thousand bucks and also, if she wins – she can take all my belongings lying on my dressing table. But if I win, I’ll punch her hateful face and she will be forbidden to touch anything mine for a lifetime.

We shook our hands, the arbitrator from girls broke it up, and I went out to the corridor to where the administrator works to find out when is the next time we will have to serve any corporate client or an event like a big party. Events like these are often in Ukrainian escort in Izmir service. Especially our Ukrainian escort in Izmir girls are popular in a batch when some party is arranged in the city or on the yacht on the sea.

But as I only exited the door, I stumbled upon Japanese old men standing in the hall, more than ten of them. What a luck! I quickly found out they came here to have quality rest after signing the contract and so I offered everyone a deal:

“Gentlemen! Today we have a special promo offer! Two girls of our escort agency are ready to please all of you but not just as simple as that. It’ll be a funny contest everyone can participate! With great discounts too. Only 50 bucks from every man who’s interested in quick sex and if I’ll serve you faster than the other girl does, I’ll give all my contenders a prize – usual, longer-lasting sex.”

14 men were present (I counted them during my speech) and all agreed.

In 10 minutes, they were already undressed and standing in two lines in one of our big rooms for VIP guests. The clock rang and we started sex them together with Angela. She did it with mouth and hands, being completely naked while I did it only with a hand, as I know that mouth lowers the efficiency when you want to make a quick orgasm to a man. I’m pretty sure I have more experience than that bitch. I also sprayed oil on my boobs, which made them glossy and much sexier to look on them from above to standing males.

I did my first sperm hitting only in 40 seconds. Both of us had 7 men in the line. Unfortunately, the second took me over two minutes while Angela was working on the third by now! However, the fourth her client was an old man and he did not want to hit his white within more than 5 minutes and I was able to quickly overtake and run ahead. So when Angela finally finished the old man’s cock, stepping to the fifth man, I was already on the sixths. She overtook the initiative giving at once two hand jobs using her both hands (it was not against our rules, I guess), but when she finished them both (5th and 6th guys), I finished my 6th and started the 7th. We did our 7th at the same time and everyone wanted to win. The zeal rose up and I think I was so active that a guy was afraid I’m going to tear his cock off. However, he finishes, sprinkling his condom several seconds before Angela’s guy did! I stood up cheering as a school kid! I only screamed: “I won, I won, I won!” And, without saying no more, I punched her in the face, right in the schnoz (not breaking it, I hope).

“My dearest guests, thank you all, please sit here and I’ll gonna make sex with you one by one as I promised, in another room.”

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Outcall escort service is about glamour and stylish look of girls. One of the maidens with high manners and easy attitude towards life is our slender mistress named Diana, who works also as an active facial model. When you need a really good-looking girl for your party, book Diana and your evening will be amazing!


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She, an Izmir escorts pussycat named Veronica was invited to this Halloween party a week before its time, as well as many her mates in the hood. It was a normal practice in this part of Izmir city that she lived – when a big quantity of people was gathering in the house of an organizer. Just like in the US. The Halloween party was an especially vivid occasion as everyone decorated their houses with the thematic stuff and many people were walking on the streets dressed in various costumes. Many of them were sexy and slim, preferring to show off their fit bodies, as it was mainly a prerogative of young guys and girls, the elderly generation kept themselves aside of this partying.

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I have too many specific desires and wishes. My previous 5 girls left me over them – nobody could cope pretty much too long with my wicked mind. It’s not that I am asking from them something extraordinary: no, I simply want more than ordinary people do. For instance, pour a chocolate all over the body of a girl and fuck her until she is sweet and so chocolate-dirty. Or make a whole bath of slime and put a girl into it to see how this slime pours down from her skin and hair. As a base of a slime, I usually take transparent glue that is safe for a skin and which is relatively cheap. Some make it with Borax substance – I use it too occasionally.