Rus eskort Tasya hiç zor değil, nedeniyle böyle çok insan bunu istiyor ve sipariş ediyor

» » Rus eskort Tasya hiç zor değil, nedeniyle böyle çok insan bunu istiyor ve sipariş ediyor
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Rus eskort Tasya vücudun çoğu gösteriyor, eteği kaldırıyor, bunu daha seksi yapmak için omuzlarını tutuyor. Gerçekten Tasya 25 yaşında, hiç çocuk değil, ama bu küçük kızın gibi nazik ve temiz bakışına karşı kim durabilir? Maksimum açıklık ve huzur duymak için Tasya’yı sipariş edin


VIP escort Russian girl makes an underwater blowjob to her client

Cindy was a temporary worker at VIP escort Russian service model agency. She worked in a city of her dreams, Izmir and enjoyed her first weeks being one of VIP escort Russian girls. Until today. It was a horrible experience for her: she had to appease a guy under water. It would be okay if she did not have to make it with her lips getting under the water’s surface. Once there, she had to hold her breath and suck him for as long as she could. When she ran out of the air, Cindy had to resurface to have several deep exhales and inhales just to continue her underwater work. Finally, the guy finished. But he did it in 20 minutes of such blowjob and after this time has passed, she felt really dizzy because of unusual breathing character. It was no pleasure for her and she has decided to exclude blowjob from a list of her services (or, at least, to make a notice that no underwater blowjob is allowed).

Escort in Izmir girl makes love on the abandoned factory

The factory. I’ve seen this building in the hood before, when I was a small girl, as I was born and grew up in Izmir city – old, dilapidated building over the gray concrete fence. No one lives around this building for a long time anymore – the last family from the street with the factory moved across the city in the new block ten years ago. Now, their house was in the row of the others looking on the old building, getting soaked by rains and blown by winds.

I have no idea what’s in the head of my next client from New Year Russian escort Izmir service, but he wanted a girl to have sex with her inside of this rusty building. He paid extra. I was the only girl to agree on it from entire Izmir escort agency Christmas service as ‘twas good money I the rest of the girls were afraid of going there. Ding-a-ling cowards.

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