One of escort girls in Izmir is paying for her shopping the other way distinct from the usual
» » One of escort girls in Izmir is paying for her shopping the other way distinct from the usual
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Rita, one of escort girls in Izmir, loved shopping. She loved it so much indeed that sometimes she returned home with the bigger amount of things she could afford for her money. The answer was the way in which she paid for expensive stuff – delivering her intimate services to the staff of the seller.

She entered a store. It was one of those where a lot of boys worked – skinny boys of 18-25 years thinking they are fashionistas, being just at the first step of their career ladder. And eager for sex as they had it too few even if they had girlfriends – as the modern young people somehow do not want to have much sex though they have had all prerequisites, desire, and time for that. That was one of the things she couldn’t understand but which she used actively.

She was looking at some jeans costing as two monthly salaries of the regular staff member of such a store when she was approached by the guy worker.

“Can I help you somehow, miss?”, she heard the high voice of a guy that used to be an adolescent not so long time ago. The guy had a three-days unshaved beard, shaved temples, and long hair on top of a skull brushed on a side with some gel on it, wore glasses in plastic rim, and had narrowed jeans – just as every adolescent in the country wears now and that is why they all look alike and as homosexuals. She hated this style of fashion but it was one peculiarity about guys looking like these: they were almost always following her needs, paying for a dress from their store after a blowjob or something a little bigger.

She whispered a guy in his ear about the delight she, as one of escort girls in Izmir, can deliver him right now in the dressing room if he will let her have this jeans. She always loved to watch after the gamut of emotions they have on their young faces in such a case. Then they almost always looked at the price tag to find out how much the upcoming blowjob will cost them. He did too and she was laughing in her head aloud while she was keeping the same charming smile on her face. The guy told her to wait for a little and came aside – obviously, to ponder about the possibility to buy that expensive thing for being pleased just once.

“Sorry, miss, I don’t do such things”, he told eventually when returned – and it was almost the standard answer when an item was too expensive for them. Usually, after such an answer, she had to go all in. And she said:

“But hey, I can do it more times – as much as you consider yourself fine about”, she replied, “Maybe, 10 or 20 times will do good enough for you?”.

…3 minutes later, she held his tiny dick in her mouth in one of the private rooms inside the premises – this time, it was not in the store’s dressing room as it usually happened before. The guy was obviously not too spoiled with oral caresses and that is why her scheme worked well as usual.

“Can I hold your tits?”

“Sure you can”, said she, one of escort girls in Izmir, putting them out of the bra. His wet hands were on her skin now and he trembled as if the aspen’s leave in the wind when he finished in her mouth. She was disgusted from such semi-men but they gave her what she needed. Even the sperm did not taste the same as of an adult man. It was too sweet and as if with the inclusion of milk – that added an extra comparison of this fella to the kid.

Coming out of the closet, she took jeans in her hands and that guy sold it to her through the cash desk giving it away with an idiotic smile, applying his discount card and pledging the cashier to put his own money to the end of the day.

She took her new thing in a branded pack and left the premise… to be caught up by that guy:

“You didn’t give me your phone number for the next meetings!”

“Yes, sure, sorry, write it down”, and she gave him her number thinking that she has to change the SIM card again…

“So let’s meet this Friday to continue our sexual adventure?”, he asked.

“Definitely – call me tomorrow to arrange a meeting”, she replied thinking that it was the very last time this untermensch sees her, one of escort girls in Izmir, ever.


Izmir escort girl arranged debauchery while her husband was on a business trip or Adventure with a friend of her husband

One day, my friend, being on a vacation trip, called me asking to go to his house and find out why his wife did not answer phone calls.

I got dressed and went. At the entrance, I was calm. Then, I rang the doorbell.

Finally, the door opened, and Anna, the wife of a friend, let me into the apartment. She had a sleepy face, it was clear that she was asleep. I look deeply in Anna’s eyes – she was so beautiful, just like Izmir escort girl.  

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