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I’ve always wanted to try this with a girl. But no girl I dated before, agreed on this. They all considered it something indecent and traumatic. Though, as for me, it is neither both.  What I literally mean? I want a girl to swing of a seesaw and sit on it in such a pose to make it possible for me to enter her pussy hole each time she swings close to me. It means she sits on the seating legs apart, ideally, so apart to embrace those ropes (or slings – I can’t be sure in their name), which hold the seating descending from the point of their fastening to the axis of swinging. They must be of steel to prevent her swinging not evenly – and to make it possible to me enter her each time with sharp precision. This is the main thing that would make it possible in happening.  I have the seesaw built in my house. In the big room on the second floor, I’ve installed a very smoothly going seesaw with my own hands – so precisely regulating its move, to a millimeter in the side’s positioning.

Today, I’ve decided not to wait for anything good from regular girls and have invited Ukrainian escort in Izmir girl. I know that the service that provides Ukrainian escort in Izmir ladies differs with a personal approach – and the operator assured that a girl from them would do everything I want. That fact already excited me when I hung up the phone.

In two hours, she was at my door – fresh, smiling, in big sunglasses and marvelous shine of healthy black hair that was in a huge contrast with her pale-white skin that seemed didn’t know the suntan.

I showed her the shower room and, damn, how pretty she was when she exited it – her skin was so white as never I saw before on a girl. Only imagined that it was possible but what a pleasant surprise it was to actually meet it in Ukrainian escort in Izmir woman.

We came upstairs and when she walked the stairs in front of me, I could fully enjoy the rear view of her amazing buttocks – soft and freely moving in front of my eyes, with every move seductively opening me the pussy, almost the same white as all other skin. My boner lets me know about its existence with a hardness of erection that it wanted to obtain once being released out of pants.

I showed her the seesaw. She sat on it soft seating that I specifically made for the biggest comfort and leaned. The well-greased bearings that ringed the rotating axis did not make any sound when she started her first easy and relaxed motions. Bearings worked in complete silence, performing the easiest and smoothest move of my seesaw. The biggest advantage of it – as I remember I didn’t tell you up to now – was the electric drive that allowed holding the same amplitude once it had taken it. So the first few pushes you had to make with legs, and then the seesaw took the right amplitude, being able to keep it further. Well-balanced, it obeyed a person on the seating, providing centimeter-precise perfection of the process. I am really proud of my creation.

Ukrainian escort in Izmir girl was sitting on it and the amplitude was gradually stabilizing. I got undressed to nakedness and the girl’s eyes sparkled as she was looking at me with the desire, I eager so much. It made my boner become hard to the limit and it was now standing looking directly at her boobs with an angle of 100-110 degrees as of young Italian stallion.

I approached her and slowly adjusted myself to enter a girl. It took a while but was extremely pleasant as I was looking at her pussy invitingly opened for my entrance and waiting for my dick. Finally, I tried to enter her for the first time. It didn’t work out so I adjusted again and from the fourth swing, I did it, entering her at a length of the head of the penis. However, I felt that I needed to grease myself for the better process, so I took natural coconut oil and applied on my boner. Oil melted in a second and covered me with a soft-smelling coconut scent. I approached her and in several moments, I was able to enter her almost at my full length. Few more attempts took both of us to adjust the mutually beneficial angle. Finally, with every swing towards me, I entered her pussy to all or almost all extent. Easy and exciting. That drove me mad, mad from the fleshy desire I experienced. It was the fulfilling of my long-awaited dream, for which I did a lot to achieve. The sensation was so overwhelming and awing that when the next time she has exited me, moving back, I just started to cum into the air. I woke up and moved my dick to the side not to hit a girl’s greased pussy. She continued her silent swing, watching me cumming…

Ukrainian escort in Izmir


Izmir lover is going to visit a client for hot BDSM games

For me, it is nothing better than BDSM. Literally, I can’t think of my life without having this sexual service at least once a week or more frequent. I am a member of the local club of BDSM lovers. You won’t believe how many such clubs are in the country (and in the world). Too bad, it is only one in our Izmir city. Well, at least, only one that deserves close attention ‘cause it gathers nice chicks ready to be bandaged and done. However, today I’m trying escort girl Izmir.

VIP escort Russian girl makes an underwater blowjob to her client

Cindy was a temporary worker at VIP escort Russian service model agency. She worked in a city of her dreams, Izmir and enjoyed her first weeks being one of VIP escort Russian girls. Until today. It was a horrible experience for her: she had to appease a guy under water. It would be okay if she did not have to make it with her lips getting under the water’s surface. Once there, she had to hold her breath and suck him for as long as she could. When she ran out of the air, Cindy had to resurface to have several deep exhales and inhales just to continue her underwater work. Finally, the guy finished. But he did it in 20 minutes of such blowjob and after this time has passed, she felt really dizzy because of unusual breathing character. It was no pleasure for her and she has decided to exclude blowjob from a list of her services (or, at least, to make a notice that no underwater blowjob is allowed).


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