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Annie is a top escort girl Izmir, many men want her and very rarely, she has a free time to devote it to herself only. Since she is young, only 21, she doesn’t need to go to sports gyms to support her physical shape and what is natural in her is very exciting for a look: breasts of 3rd size, very slim belly, only 50 cm in circumference, and 105 cm in hips – a set of parameters that would make every man loose his sanity over the flesh desire towards this charming female.

That is why she was ordered very often, more often than anyone from Izmir girls; especially on the flights like this one, on which she was now. It was a private jet delivering some important businessmen to China and then to Singapore, where she had to serve as a good company and, if anyone desires, as a personal love maker.

All businessmen she saw now on board were of elderly age – and so far, no one of them has outspoken a desire to be with her sexually. She didn’t care – even if there’ll be no sex, she is still paid a decent money. Though, there was a young and attractive steward who seemingly also have spotted a very attractive young female.

When it was an appropriate time – when those businessmen immersed in their business talks and calculations making a strategy for an upcoming meeting – Annie sneaked out of the salon into the tale of the fuselage and put an arm on a shoulder of this attractive steward, who was named Rob. Rob was in the middle of preparation of cocktails for their main passengers and Annie did not mind at all to wait for a little while the cocktails will be prepared and they with Rob will be able to stay alone.

It happened in several minutes. There were two cabins for stewards on the plane – one in a tail and another is in the fore part. Each cabin was destined for two people, and the other steward on board was now in the opposite part of a plane, so they could occupy a cabin just for them.

Once inside, she saw the difference of this cabin from usual toilets on usual planes, not private jets – it had so much space inside, enough not only for two but for four people at once! He took over an initiative and kissed her in juicy red lips, lips of escort Izmir playful pussycat. Continuing a kiss, she unbuttoned her blouse and took off a bra, exposing enchanting breast of the 3rd size, topped with sharp-coined nipples. She was young and her flesh was delightful and desirable, without any flaw, just like a pure perfection. He started kissing breasts, and she hugged his face and immersed fingers in his brown hair, enjoying a moment.

Not stopping kissing her, he unzipped his trousers and lowered them down and, helping with his hands, lowered his pants down too and unbuttoned her skirt of strict office look. Under the skirt, it was tiny white transparent panties. Putting them down with ease, he finally broke away from her tasty nipples and turned her face off him. She was already wet in the pussy so he did not even need to arouse her additionally. His cock plunged into her unprepared inner space as a ship cruises the tiny harbor, and she was too tight for him at the beginning. They tried to be silent for obvious reasons but she, one of escort girls in Izmir, could not hold back her moan coming out from the sexy-curved mouth at this moment. Her pussy was fantastic in all aspects: tiny, tight, greased and smelled exceptionally good. As Rob was told after, there were special perfumes for vagina – and she gave him a bottle of them goodbye afterward when they landed.

He was fucking her, with a little might at first to let her get used to his size, to the big might in the end, when she was fully ready to adopt him. Judging from her breathing, she managed to finish now – more than once – and was waiting when he saturates himself to finish him too with her filthy mouth and hands. Finally, the moment arrived and she sat down squatting in front of him, sucking his dick and helping with her hand, teasing his balls. The flow of semen was the same full of might and she had to make several swallows to have it all go into her stomach.



Izmir escort service girl made love with a man in an unusual place, the wine only made them both hotter

It was their first joint trip on vacation. Of course, she, an Izmir escort service girl wanted everything to go perfectly. She pre-arranged to ensure that every day would be intense and interesting. For example, today they’ve decided to go on an excursion to the vineyard. It was a very atmospheric place, surrounded from all sides with wonderful plants. When they went inside with the rest of the tour group, they were taken to a wine cellar. Wines of various kinds were stored there: a lot of bottles on the shelves looked so attractive, she, an Izmir escort service girl, immediately wanted to try at least one of them. He seemed to read her thoughts: when the group was led further along the dark corridor, he pulled her hand. The guy put his finger to his lips, urging the girl to act quietly. As soon as the group disappeared around the corner, they both retired to one of the compartments of the wine cellar. It was a small closet where there was almost no light, but it was very cozy.

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I never thought I would have a sex fight with anyone. I even didn’t know what is it. But turned out I arranged it. You know, I had a strong reason to do that: that bitch Angela came to my dressing place and took some eyeshadows, a nice wig that I love and some more stuff from what’s purely mine. I know that there are some girls in Ukrainian girls Izmir model escort service that share things but Angela was a fucking mess – she never had anything good in her belongings and always asked this or that from others. No, I don’t mind when it is once or twice but she had really pissed off not only me but also a few others and never asked actually, just grabbed items. So, seeing this egregious fact (and my shadows in her fingers), I just got mad, got to her and tore it off from her nasty fingers. I ransacked her table the next second and found more my stuff.

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