Girl in escort Lina is looking at you with great invitation in her eyes and a horny smile

» » Girl in escort Lina is looking at you with great invitation in her eyes and a horny smile
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Girl in escort Lina is showing you her sexual readiness being worn in this red top and black elastic shorts that underline the fact that she does not have anything underneath them, so it is so easy to penetrate into her succulent body


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The shower was great. I went out and put on my sporty black thongs and then – leggings shorts. They perfectly and mega-sexy embraced my sporty and round buttock and the beginning of my slim legs. I wore the running bra under the black top and my beloved blue baseball cap. The sun lit me from legs to the crown as I exited at the porch of the house and ran towards the park.

I ran and the sun played with my hair that I collected in the tail. It was swaying from side to side and illuminated by the sunrays turning my usually brown hair of Instagram Izmir escort girl into pure gold.

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It was a middle of festivity due to upcoming New Year (tomorrow) in the large private mansion located near the beach in the city. Being not sober was a rule of good taste in this party that included god knows how many people. She was a girl from Izmir escort agency girls who rushed to the order of, obviously, one of the men in this house. A man named Nick – at least, this what he told her on the phone. Now, nobody knew Nick. Fuck. Okay, she is calling him – and he tells he’ll be out soon, “just chill, babe, I’m soon” was his reply before he hung up.

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