Izmir escort girl and her adventures with two men or the incredible story of the meeting with hot lovers ready to experiment
» » Izmir escort girl and her adventures with two men or the incredible story of the meeting with hot lovers ready to experiment
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We planned to celebrate a successful deal with our business colleagues, for which I invited him and his wife in the evening for us. I asked Olga to dress sexier as Izmir escort, knowing how spectacular it would look. She wore her short lacy dress stretch like an Izmir escort girl under which her breasts shone openly, and sandals with heels.

Andrew called from the road, saying that he would come alone, as his wife went to a corporate party, but it did not spoil our mood.

He came, we drank wine for the further prosperity, it was fun. When we were sitting in deep armchairs, and she brought appetizers, we could see the narrow thong under the dress, skinny naked crotch.

Andrew has made no secret that he was looking at her at such moments.

When she sits down on the arm of my chair, chatting and having fun, hugging me with her leg now and then playfully touched the hands of Andrew, lying on a chair. It has turned me on.

I could not help but notice that he often stood up when she walked into the kitchen and tried to go forward under the pretext to go to the bathroom or finish saying the phrase, accidentally touching her in the hallway.

Then his attempts became more open, and when the opportunity clearly held his hand over her hips, when he thought I would not see or I am too drunk. Several times, he touched the dress under her ass. My wife pretended that nothing was happening, but the feeling was that she behaves like an Izmir escort girl; I was excited. So when he offered to help her carry the dishes, as soon as they came out, I turned on loud music, unbuttoned pants, pulled out a cock and began to masturbate furiously. At the same time, I arose and went to the hall, where was visible through the doorway almost the entire kitchen.

I was not surprised to see how my friend went back to Olga, strongly pulled up her dress and began to squeeze her ass, hips, breasts, while my wife resisted, trying not to make noise, trying to resist completely silently.

Still, she managed to escape, and I hurried back to my chair.

Izmir escort model Olga returned alone. Obviously, Andrew went to the bathroom to take a breath. My wife once affectionately embraced me. We started kissing passionately, she touched me between my legs, quickly unbuttoned, knelt down and brought to orgasm, sucked all the sperm in a few minutes.

She looked at me and lifted her dress showing narrow translucent black thong.

She took them off, and when my friend returned, everything continued in the same vein, only the eyes of Andrew became wider when he saw – and he noticed! – the naked pubis is my favorite. And his look was difficult to distract.

It was time for me to have to leave the room for a few minutes. On the way to the bathroom, I turned off the light in the hallway, so coming back, paused at the mirror, and with interest, was jerking my cock off while watching.

They stood in the middle of the room, the movements were quick and passionate, obviously, the idea that I can enter right now, fired them up. They masturbated each other, each with his free hand squeezing the whole body of the partner. He took Olga’s hair and pulled her down. Feeling resistance, he lightly slapped her twice on the cheek. She obeyed like a good Izmir escort girl.

Keeping both hands on hair, he slowly but deeply, gradually accelerating pace entered in her mouth with his dick and my wife liked it.

I quietly walked in, Andrew looked at me with bleary eyes, I nodded slightly, went to Olga behind and pulled the dress over her head.

We went back to the table, sat her down in the chair. There she had waited on us naked, only in sandals. When returning, was arranged between us, we talked together in and squeezed her pretty tough.

In the morning, Andrew went away, but we knew that would come back.




Escort Izmir girl provoked the guy on rough sex, or what happens when a girl has no man for a long time

Once after a constant quarreling with my Izmir escort girlfriend and after her departure to parents, I decided to get a drink and went to the restaurant nearby. The evening did not promise anything but boring drinking alone. But probably like every evening it gradually transformed for better with each new glass of brandy. Then I have decided to do something crazy and find a girl as passionate as eskortlar. I have decided that it is time to have fun. I called the bartender and found out with his help who among the young ladies here visit this place often but never with someone. So, which girl never went in the cafe with a man?

Izmir VIP escort girl met a sexy neighbor or Adventure of a seductive neighbor

Nelly was a lovely Izmir escort girl. Breasts of the 4th size & rounded ass attracted glances of men more than hundred times. She rented an apartment in this house for over a year. One day, returning from work, she usually got into the elevator & behind her came in a man of about 35 y.o. Pretty high, she could not think then that this trip in the lift was not accidental.

The man followed her out.  

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