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» » Order this Izmir escort today, not tomorrow, not someday but today
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Only white panties are on this Izmir escort that, standing with her back to you, is looking straight into the camera. She is full of desire and passion that must be tamed. Her skin is desirable to touch and velvety breasts demanding caresses right now



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Russian escort Izmir woman was now hanging from the ceiling being suspended on the tricky system of chains. The room was in the pool on premises that Russian escort Izmir agency owned and used them to arrange meetings of their girls and clients. Several rooms (including this one) were equipped to meet the most exquisite demands of clients: lashes, costumes, chains, a broad range of devices were only a part of variety that was used inside. They all were spacious enough and re-arranged to disallow any sound coming out from the room or entering inside when the doors are closed. The protected small world for pleasures. A perfect love cell, in several words.

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His friends ordered me for Aziz. A boy who was turning into a man today – his sweet 18. I was at the age of 18 only several months ago, so I perfectly understood him, what it feels like. And I definitely think he would love my today’s image – a schoolgirl dressed escort lady. His friends were with me now – in his house, where we were waiting for him, me and 4 of his fellows.

“He is approaching, get ready!” Screamed one of them and I did as we have rehearsed: leaned my hands on the table, put my ass higher on straight legs, which were topped with seducing high heels of red color, and fluffed my bronze-pink hair to give more volume.

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