WhatsApp escort Izmir girl is open to new sensations, and the man is delighted with her talents
» » WhatsApp escort Izmir girl is open to new sensations, and the man is delighted with her talents
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I stopped the car in front of the hospital building and felt the excitement but not only in a good way. I did not want to go there, as I was fed up with these annual inspections, but if I do not pass another medical examination, I will not receive another postponement from the army. And today I have to go to her. She was an adult woman, mature because she was over 30. She looked beautiful, and she reminded me of one of the escort WhatsApp, from escort WhatsApp girls whom I met last year on my exotic vacation. That escort WhatsApp girl was very gentle, she knew all the time what I needed, and she really liked that I enjoyed meeting her. Of course, this girl was not an escort WhatsApp girl, she was a doctor, but her inaccessibility embarrassed and excited me even more.

I approached the office, there was no one, I could safely walk in, but I froze for a minute in front of the door, and imagined what would happen next, I’ll go in. She will smile at me with an even smile on duty; only the devils will dance in her eyes, so small and mischievous. Will smile and continue writing something to the card of another patient or talk to a nurse. I once again caught myself thinking that I like this woman, looking like one of the distant girls WhatsApp, like her devils in the eyes, blond hair tucked into a bun, her figure under a white robe, but most of all I like her invisible power over me. I depend on her. It torments me and turns me on.

I enter. She is alone today. The devils went crazy. She silently gets up and locks the door behind me.

“Well, young man, are you ready for an inspection?”

I’m going to undress for a screen. There is not a single thought in my head, no lies, only one persistent “I want this to happen…” Though I do not even know what it is.

She approaches closer to me already having rubber gloves on her hands, smiles and says: “Stand in your favorite pose.” I, a grown-up, strong tall man, kneel, raise my ass high and put hands on my buttocks. If someone told me just recently that I would enjoy all this, I would probably have to hit him, and now I’m on my knees and waiting for her when she will dip her finger in the lubricant & put it inside my rectum. Yes, the examination of the prostate happens exactly this way, and nothing can be done about it. From one thought about what will happen now, the cock begins to swell and rise, she sees it. It terrifies me terribly, but I cannot do anything about it – it’s just anatomy that I can’t control.

Today everything happens a little differently than usual, she does not examine me. She fucks me with a finger, entering deep into my ass and then takes it out with a squishy sound to introduce it back there again. Her breathing becomes faster. She slaps my ass with the second hand. I understand that this is what I have long wanted, to be given completely to the mercy of this woman, to stand like this on my knees in an absurd pose, with a finger in the butt. Unclear feelings overwhelm me, a wave of bliss is rolling on, I begin to involuntarily move to meet her finger. We have not said a word for all this time, they are not needed; we understand each other like allies, we play one game, and we like it. She enters two fingers already, bends down and takes my dick, hard and swollen, with her second hand. Strangely, I do not feel any pain and even discomfort, only a growing sense of pleasure. Now she is kneeling next to me, fucking my ass with one hand and jerking my cock with another. Silent fucking of me continues for long minutes. I put my hand under her robe and understand that she has no panties on. She is so wet. This becomes the last straw, and I start to cum furiously on the floor. Exhausted, I slide off her fingers. I have enough strength to turn over on my back and stretch my legs. But surprises are not over for today: she sits down on my face, and I literally sink in her juice. She furiously crawls over my face and cums in seconds. I start to flow in her juices, licking all her vagina. She climbs down and sits on the table of the office. I lie motionless for several minutes. It’s a vacuum in my head. Real-life sensations begin to return. I get up and dress. I do not feel any shame as if I got what I’ve been wanting for a long time. She stands up and, without saying anything, writes something on the card, saying I must come to her next week for the conclusion. Then she looks up and I understand that our next meeting promises many interesting and sexy sensations for me.

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Escort in Izmir girl makes love on the abandoned factory

The factory. I’ve seen this building in the hood before, when I was a small girl, as I was born and grew up in Izmir city – old, dilapidated building over the gray concrete fence. No one lives around this building for a long time anymore – the last family from the street with the factory moved across the city in the new block ten years ago. Now, their house was in the row of the others looking on the old building, getting soaked by rains and blown by winds.

I have no idea what’s in the head of my next client from New Year Russian escort Izmir service, but he wanted a girl to have sex with her inside of this rusty building. He paid extra. I was the only girl to agree on it from entire Izmir escort agency Christmas service as ‘twas good money I the rest of the girls were afraid of going there. Ding-a-ling cowards.

Schoolgirl dressed escort lady is an unexpected sex present for a guy

His friends ordered me for Aziz. A boy who was turning into a man today – his sweet 18. I was at the age of 18 only several months ago, so I perfectly understood him, what it feels like. And I definitely think he would love my today’s image – a schoolgirl dressed escort lady. His friends were with me now – in his house, where we were waiting for him, me and 4 of his fellows.

“He is approaching, get ready!” Screamed one of them and I did as we have rehearsed: leaned my hands on the table, put my ass higher on straight legs, which were topped with seducing high heels of red color, and fluffed my bronze-pink hair to give more volume.

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