Izmir escort WhatsApp feels sorry for a guy in the window next to her and decides to amuse him a little
» » Izmir escort WhatsApp feels sorry for a guy in the window next to her and decides to amuse him a little
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Jessica from Izmir escort girls rented an apartment on the east side of the city, where the rates were negotiable and initially lower. The buildings in her area were standing closer to each other so the people could see each other in the windows if they had a regular binocular, not too powerful, only 5x times zoom was perfectly enough to view what was going on in the windows of people. Basically, if you haven’t had curtains on windows, consider yourself exposed to the everyone’s view.

But a mistress from Izmir escort girls didn’t know that yet at the time of arrival to live here. She didn’t put on curtains either. Of course, she could see silhouettes of people in the bright windows of the neighboring house but they were too far to see the details.

Soon, she became attracted to looking in these windows with her naked eye in the free evenings, drinking warm cocoa sitting in the big living room, pondering what could be the stories of people back there, behind these 200 meters, a wall, and a glass. Whether they were now playing with their kids or helping with homework or were they having a fight in their kitchens. Or were they making love… Amongst these thoughts, she got an itching idea that something was wrong. It took Izmir escort WhatsApp days to figure it out: in one window, there was always a guy. With a binocular. He was looking at her. No, not like that. STARING. She realized the latter after bought a binocular herself and their looks met. At the first time, she got angered. And decided to buy curtains or at least jalousie. At the second time, something caused her take a binocular to watch him and she found out step by step that he was lying in the bed all the times and never got up. Days passed by and her interest to this fellow grew in a mystical manner. Curtains and jalousies were forgotten, and every spare minute, she sat by the window to look at the guy. It seemed to her he was paralyzed and could not move – that’s why he was laying all the time.

One evening, when she got home much later than usual, she was expecting everyone to sleep in the late hour. However, his window had a little light on and, unnoticeably grabbing a binocular, she went to the bathroom not turning the electricity on. From there, she stared at the guy and saw as he was looking in her windows. The exciting idea was born in her head.

Putting off the binocular, she turned on the lights in the bathroom and started to undress as if Izmir escort WhatsApp didn’t know she has been watched. She gave her undressing a little more sensuality as if she was a little caressing her skin after a long tiresome day. And she knew that the sight of this man was now chained to her. It was a kind of a present to a guy who was so pitiful, as she thought. This poor guy had no fun in life as he always had to be chained to his bed. So she has decided to give him a little happiness and make a quality strip for him.

After a blouse, the bra went off on the floor. She was standing her left side to him looking in the wall mirror, touching herself as if checking the turgor of the skin. And a guy could see her naked skin and breasts, her appetizing face. Izmir escort WhatsApp girl started to undress her skirt. Waving with her thighs, she unzipped it and was left in black lacy stockings and underwear. To take them off, she sat on the edge of the bath and did it with juicy movements, putting down stockings in slow motion, raising her legs into the air to make them visible to the fullest. The last was panties. She took them off with waving with her hips too, bending over, and then – stepping out of them.

Then she went to the living room – which she knew, was perfect to be seen from this guy’s angle of view. She lay on the bed making him see what’s between her legs and started to caress herself. She sexually touched her boobs, pressing on them, squeezing her nipples with one hand, and the second one was inside of her pussy that became wet by now from the intangible excitement of showing herself to an invisible observer.

She was masturbating for 5 minutes and reached an orgasm so great that all her palm was moist from inner juices. She smoked a cigarette and finished it. Went to the shower. All this time, she did not show that she knew she was observing.

On the next day, she found a note on a piece of yellow paper scotched to her front door saying ‘Thank U J’.

Izmir escort WhatsApp girl Sonya


Girl Izmir is telling a story of her public disgrace

I’m a little bit confused and shy to tell this story as it doesn’t add to my charm. In fact, it became one of my biggest disgraces in life but people laughed at that moment.

The story has occurred when I was not yet working as one of girls Izmir – I was a dancer in the local troupe. I was a support crewmember for scenes in musicals that needed stunts. Not so much for the success but it let me earn for a living and pay the rent of my apartment.

New Year escort agency puss does too many men to count during one evening

It was a middle of festivity due to upcoming New Year (tomorrow) in the large private mansion located near the beach in the city. Being not sober was a rule of good taste in this party that included god knows how many people. She was a girl from Izmir escort agency girls who rushed to the order of, obviously, one of the men in this house. A man named Nick – at least, this what he told her on the phone. Now, nobody knew Nick. Fuck. Okay, she is calling him – and he tells he’ll be out soon, “just chill, babe, I’m soon” was his reply before he hung up.

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