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Our company has the greatest New Year’s parties ever! There are several reasons for that: we do it on 25th of December and on March 1st to celebrate another winter that is over. Thus, two times a year, we have a possibility to enjoy, booze, and have a great time! Other reasons that a company fully pays us these parties, provides many tasty dishes and free quality alcohol of many sorts. But the most quality reason is free escort girls, sometimes a half dozen, sometimes a dozen, and sometimes, when a corporation feels exceptionally well – several dozen of escort girls Izmir. It must be said that our corporation has 250 people, mostly men, and we make software that we sell globally. We make about 1 billion dollars each year and we are considered one of the richest ones in employees/revenue ratio.

Together with very nice salary, we are the dream place for work. I’m telling you about the last corporate party we had on this March 3.

On Saturday, I came to the place of the event – the company rented a big nightclub in Izmir. Only employees were allowed and our girls – guests. When I got there at 7 PM, escort Izmir girls were already in the crowd. It was many of them and all were topless. Surely, guys touched their tits – they just couldn’t give up such an opportunity. On their heads, girls Izmir had red-and-white cone hats, and red panties with red high heels completed the image. Some of them served as waitress – and as long as I am informed about, when girls are in the common hall, they serve as waitresses but as soon as somebody drag them in private cabins (which I saw several at a time) – they serve as a top-notch whores, implementing all desires of their clients during 15 minutes. Of course, I’m talking about sexual ones. When guests are too shy (newcomers to our company, mostly), girls are invigorating them on their own initiative, leaving guys hellishly satisfied.

Now, if you wonder – what about ones who are married or in relations or too fucked to deprive himself of such beauties on regular parties – here is an answer: they simply do not come. Needless to say, there are not so many dickheads in out rows;)

Izmir Escort girls this time gave us a dance program in addition to an entertaining part. At 9 PM, they all gathered on a stage for the first time and did cancan dance with their own originality: completely naked, with only sticky stars on their nipples. By this time, people at a party were not that totally boozed as they were on 10 PM, 11 PM and so on – every hour until 2 AM, when girls hit the stage for the last time. I’ve noticed that there were lesser and lesser girls on the stage each time – from original 25 people, they were reduced to 10 or even less – can’t say for sure as I had so much alcohol till that time that I could not sit straight, so don’t blame me for this little thrust to high spirits. Oh, by the way – by this time, I managed to retire with girls twice. The first time, I got a fresh and young girl a little over 18, I suppose. I loved her skin – an appearance of a marble but a little tanned, with perfect smoothness. From our 15 minutes in which I could do anything, 5 we simply talked, as I could not have enough looking at her super pretty face. You know, I have a weakness to very pretty female faces as I consider them the prettiest part of the whole woman. Only when I entered in her pussy with my dick longing for love, I got two sensational amusements at once: a girl widely opening her mouth from pleasure and super smooth warmth inside of her that I felt with my body. Maybe it was alcohol who talked inside of me but it was one of the most pleasant sensations I got in my entire life.

The second girl was a way different from this one: she was tall and looked like a catwalk model but I did not like her at all: she was not in my type. With brown eyes instead of green, with almost black hair instead of white as I love, with 1st breast size instead of 3rd… I don’t know why I came with her – the most probable answer is alcohol, which was in me in volume over 1 bottle already for sure.

This evening was super great. And, when I was about to leave, the first girl of my evening from escort girls Izmir approached me and gave me a long passionate kiss that I will surely remember for months.


One of the students Izmir escort enjoys riding on a bike with extraneous items inside of her

“How would you like to ride a bicycle?” A client of students Izmir escort service asked me yesterday. I’ll call him Jason.

“Sure, let’s go!”

“Oh, not so fast, honey! First, I want you to take these and shove into your ass & pussy.” Saying this, Jason gave me two 0.33 empty thin bottles of soda beverages.

Girl Izmir is telling a story of her public disgrace

I’m a little bit confused and shy to tell this story as it doesn’t add to my charm. In fact, it became one of my biggest disgraces in life but people laughed at that moment.

The story has occurred when I was not yet working as one of girls Izmir – I was a dancer in the local troupe. I was a support crewmember for scenes in musicals that needed stunts. Not so much for the success but it let me earn for a living and pay the rent of my apartment.