Izmir escort WhatsApp girl fucks in the house of her boyfriend’s parents
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I, Izmir escort girl, came to Johan yesterday. We dealt to go to the party arranged by his friend Marquess (silly name, I know). His parents were at home so I greeted them and we had a little chatting (they treated me exceptionally well) before I went upstairs to his room. There, we supposed to spend about 30 minutes to select the best dress for him (based on my dress) to look like a couple on that day (we’ve finally decided to announce it to all our friends after been dating 2 months).

We turned to business right at once: I examined his wardrobe and have selected several items that could match. They included some trousers and shirts. While he was changing them standing near the mirror, I was watching him with admiration about his body. After several minutes and two attempts at fitting the clothes (that I rejected), he spotted this admiration in my eyes and turned to me with still unzipped pants and a new shirt of velvet color. He bent to me sitting on a bed and kissed me. I kissed him back and hugged. He hugged me back either and we fell on the bed, kissing with sweet kisses. His lips smelled with roses (maybe it was a hygienic lipstick or a bubble gum). I loved it. He put his tongue inside my mouth cavity and I started sucking it violently after the wave of sudden excitation rushed on me (I’m not sure but I think escort Izmir girls feel the same when with their clients). After a while, I started to imagine myself as one of Izmir escort girls who came to her client, very young and attractive man named Johan. It got me excited even bigger and I touched his penis in pants. It was already waiting for my gentle caresses. It wasn’t many times I touched his cock (though we have had sex already, yes), and I just couldn’t get enough of his hardness each time I did it. If he only knew how many hours did I spend caressing myself at home in the shower and under the blanket imagining his penis inside of me… Red head, powerful trunk, and visible veins on its surface – it was so attractive to me. Now, as I was lying under him, and he covered his penis with a layer of the ultrathin condom, I was thinking if escort Izmir girls also imagine their powerful masculine males and attached most prominent dicks? To range them and later exchange their experience and thoughts between colleagues? If so, and if I was one of their kind, an Izmir escort girl, I would make pictures of penises of my men while they are in the shower or sleeping just to make a collection of photos to remember them after many years of service. Of course, if they are all that handsome as the dick of my Johan.

Thinking about it, I was carried away a little from the process that was already happening – he was fucking me, being on top. I suppose, he did not mind not even a little that his folks were at home. Frankly, I didn’t give a shit either as I was feeling so damn good!

Johan is young, just like me, and he has a lot of youthful powers to make love for a long time. It’s a bad thing we don’t have our own place to do it (and only a little possibility to rent a hotel room, just for a couple of hours) so we’ve enjoyed each other the most for only 11 hours when my parents were off the city on their own romantic date and I invited Johan to my house. We tried a lot of stuff during that sex and I remember it with lots of warmth now. We were largely enjoying our bodies and every last cell of their surfaces. It was not like now – fast and aggressive. He was about to finish when I still needed more time to do it. So when he did and shook himself off me, I started masturbating using three fingers at once to make the best fit for the enlarged hole that left after his cock in my pussy. Damn. That was good – I brought myself to orgasm in maybe two or three minutes. While doing all that, he was watching me and then wanted to have the continuation (sex me once again). A new condom is on and he is in. Several more minutes. He is having an orgasm, pulsating inside of me, and I am too, having reached it at the same second with him. Bright spot… Shall we actually go on that fucking meeting?…

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Izmir escort girl on board the aircraft hit the erotic journey or depraved adventures of a girl with strangers on a plane

The plane, which I flew, was in the air for nearly three hours. Overboard was late at night, the light in the cabin was almost not observed, and all slept inside. I could not sleep, watching the pretty young stewardess like a girl from the escort Izmir which passed between the rows of seats.

Noticing that I was awake, she came to me, bent down and whispered to me if I want anything.

Escort girl Izmir is entertaining at a New Year’s party

The premise was loud and crowded. The clocks were going to ring out 12 o’clock, symbolizing New Year, but she was still searching for a partner to kiss with during this time. The mansion was filled with people of different ages and skin colors as if it hosted a party of workers of Google or SpaceX companies gathered to celebrate another year. She didn’t know whether it was true but she was here, with a glass of quality wine in a hand, and a bottle of it in another hand, being in a quarrel with her boyfriend just several hours ago, before they had to visit this event. The reason did not matter, they’ve quarreled as long as she was in these relations, so now she was definitely considering to abandon him once and for all – just as soon as she returns from this party house.

The wine or the desire to get separated with her disgusted boyfriend led her to the realization of the fact that soon, there’ll be 12 o’clock and she must finally find someone to kiss with. That guy over here seemed her nice one and in this moment, she felt for the first time as an Izmir girl running to hers new client. Although, there was no money tied in such desire, so the feeling passed by fluently, shortly after its arrival.

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